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apartment rent, Vagetos was here on casablanca mansion

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Kami mendapat kehormatan karena apartemen ini telah dijadikan basecamp VAGETOS, band yang mempopulerkan tembang laris "kehadiranmu", selama mereka bermukim di jakarta.

klik disini untuk melihat liputan vagetoz di apartemen kami dalam acara kasak kusuk SCTV...(klik video)

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Minggu, 10 Februari 2008

for rent apartment in Casablanca Mansion - the location

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Casablanca mansion is located very near to the Jakarta business district, 4 minutes driving away from kuningan (jalan Rasuna said) and 15 minutes from Jalan Sudirman. its only takes 15 minutes to the ambassador international trade center.
Sudirman and kuningan area is in the condition of traffic jam in another 2 years ahead, becouse the development of the monorail infrastructure.
Choosing Casablanca mansion for your home would be a good decision as you wont be troubled by the all day long traffic jam around the mentioned area.
Another point is that Casablanca Mansion is not placed in the 3 in one area, so you can drive anytime regardless the amount of the person you carry in the car.
Casablanca mansion is not far from the tebet and menteng area, there you can get various of any kind of fancy local restourant and shopping area.

Please try to zoom in and out to get figured the apartment's location

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apartments for rent - the fascility

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the fascility of casablanca mansion
  1. Building round swimmingpool
  2. Tennis court
  3. Fitness center
  4. Function room
  5. Loundry
  6. spacious parking lot. 1:1 user to parkinglot ratio
  7. Sauna
  8. Hot water
  9. Roof Garden
  10. MiniMarket
  11. Car washing lot
  12. Located in Jakarta Business Area
  13. ATM
  14. Beauty salon
  15. Allegro Cafe
  16. Fancy and spacious modern longue
  17. Blue Bird taxi pool at lobby (the safest and convenient taxy company in Indonesia)
  18. Children playground
  19. Mini soccer field
  20. 24 hours security guard with private access with access card 4 each floor.

Additional paid Facility :
- Broadband internet 
- Cable tv
- Loundry

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    Dian dan Imam

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